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(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)
It was a rough day at work for Charlie Hayes, and he was glad that he was just about to start his vacation. When he got home, he changed out of his work clothes into a pair of black sweatpants, sleeveless white T-shirt, and slippers. He then went to his desk, where he turned on his computer, and logged on. While he was eating the alpastor nachos he got from the Mexican restaurant down the street from his house, he logged on to the internet, and checked his email, along with social media, and a sports website. When he finished eating, he checked his deviantArt account, and saw that he had a note. He opened it, and saw that it was about a piece of artwork he had commissioned, the note said that the piece was finished, and had been posted, the note contained a link to the deviation. He clicked on the link, looked at the artwork, added it to his favorites, left a comment, and downloaded it to his computer. Afterwards, he had received an email from a co-worker, with the name of a website he had told him about earlier in the day, but couldn't remember the name of, a site where people could arrange sexual encounters with strangers. Not only did the email contain the name of the website, but also a link to their homepage. "I can't believe I'm doing this," Charlie said, as he clicked on the link. The site touted the fact that the website would never charge for services, and no credit card would be needed, as well as the fact that users would remain anonymous. Charlie decided to register with the site, and chose a username(AtomicRhino) and password. The site did say users would remain anonymous, although the site did ask for 2 bits of personal information, their birthdate(in order to verify the users were over the age of 18), and ZIP code(to insure they would only be matched with people in close geographic proximity). He uploaded a photo of himself taken during a recent ziplining adventure(which was the most recent photograph of himself he had on his computer), and gave information about his age, sex, sexual preference, age and race preferences, and preferred geographical radius from his ZIP code. After signing up, he logged on to the site, and found 9 women which met his criteria that were currently online. The first woman, "MI$$420" turned him off, her pic made her seem a little too "ghetto" for his tastes. He looked through the women, and was attracted by one with the screen name "ILUVHBK", so he opened up a chat with her.

AtomicRhino: Hi
ILUVHBK: Hi. Listen, do you want to chat, or do you want to fuck?
AtomicRhino: Fuck, of course. I got 10 inches I want to put into someone tonight, and it might as well be you.
ILUVHBK: Great, just give me your address, and I'll be there in about 15 minutes.
AtomicRhino: Actually, I had somewhere else in mind.
ILUVHBK: Oh, I get it.
AtomicRhino: You do?
ILUVHBK: Yeah, and it's okay. If you're telling the truth about having 10 inches, I don't care if you still live with your parents. If we can't do it at your place, how about mine?
AtomicRhino: Actually, I was thinking someplace public, like a bar or restaurant, and I'll pay for a room at a nice hotel.
ILUVHBK: Any particular reason you don't want to meet me at my place?
AtomicRhino: I just prefer to meet in a public place, that's all.
ILUVHBK: What, you think I'm some homicidal maniac or something? If you're going to be like that, go jerk off for all I care.

"Good riddance," Charlie said as he looked at some of the other women online, and he was attracted by one with the screen name "1DerWoman", he was attracted by her picture, which looked like Lynda Carter, but with light blonde hair, so he opened up a chat with her.

AtomicRhino: I was looking at your picture, and I could see myself in you.
1DerWoman: That is the worst pickup line I have ever heard.
AtomicRhino: You have to excuse me, I'm pretty new at this site.
1DerWoman: That's okay, I get a lot of newbies. A lot of guys are attracted by the fact I look just like Lynda Carter, but as a blonde. Why do you think I use 1DerWoman as my name? You know where Nick & Nora's is, don't you?
AtomicRhino: Of course I do. My first job was flipping burgers there back when I was 16.
1DerWoman: Great, meet you there in 20 minutes, we'll grab a burger, get a room somewhere, and let nature take its course. I'll just let my husband know I'm going out tonight, and to not wait up for me.
AtomicRhino: You're married?
1DerWoman: Yeah, but my husband knows I know he's tapping that cute little co-ed from Sunny Hills State that lives down the hall from us, so he lets me get some on the side every once in a while.
AtomicRhino: Nothing personal, but there's 2 types of women I make it a point not to get involved with, underage girls, and married women. Sorry, but I'm going to have to pass on this one.
1DerWoman: I understand. You're not the first guy on this site to get turned off by the fact I'm married, and you probably won't be the last. Before you go, though, I have one question for you.
AtomicRhino: Yes, if you were single, I would definitely tap that ass.

Once Charlie and 1DerWoman finished their conversation, Charlie saw that there were only 2 women online who met his criteria. He was about to broaden his search, when one of them caught his eye, an older woman who used the screen name "LoveMistress". There was something about her, so he opened up a chat, hoping to himself this one had better results.

AtomicRhino: That's a nice dress you're wearing in your profile pic. Wanna fuck?
LoveMistress: Ooh, the direct approach. Nice. I see by your profile that you're new here.
AtomicRhino: I've been on this site about half an hour. There's just one thing I want to get out of the way first before we continue.
LoveMistress: I'm a widow. Let me guess, you've had a chat with 1DerWoamn.
AtomicRhino: How'd you know?
LoveMistress: She and I have been friends for a few years, she's the one who turned me on to this site. She did tell you about the arrangement she and her husband had.
AtomicRhino: Yeah, but I prefer not to get mixed up with another man's wife.
LoveMistress: Understandable. I'm guessing you're single.
AtomicRhino: Never been married.
LoveMistress: Good. I prefer not to get involved with another woman's husband myself. You know where the Somerset Hotel is, don't you?
AtomicRhino: I drive past it every day on my way to and from work.
LoveMistress: I was thinking we could meet at the cocktail lounge, have a drink, and get a room.
AtomicRhino: I was thinking about spending a few days there myself. Anyways, I'm going to take a quick shower, and I should be there in about an hour, give or take a few minutes.
LoveMistress: I'll see you there.

Charlie jumped in the shower, and afterwards, got dressed in his dress whites. He quickly packed his suitcase, since he had decided to take a vacation at the Somerset, and grabbed his overnight bag. He went to the Somerset, and as he arrived at the Tiki Lounge, he saw an older woman, who was in her late 50s, but appeared to be in her early to mid 40s, with blonde hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a red dress with an off the shoulder neckline, the color matched the nail polish on her fingernails. He recognized her from her picture, and sat down at the table she was at. "Looking for a good time, sailor?" she asked.

"You must be LoveMistress," Charlie said.

"Please call me Erin," she said. "Screen names are okay on the site, but since we're meeting face to face, I'd prefer using our real names."

"In that case, my name's Charlie," Charlie said.

"You never told me you were in the Navy," Erin said.

"Retired," Charlie said. "Joined the Navy right out of high school, put in 25 years, and after I left, I went to work in my cousin's deli, to help her out, and supplement my Navy pension."

"You know," Erin said, "I just love a man in uniform."

"And I love bare shoulders," Charlie said, "especially on a woman as sexy as you. So what do you say we skip the drink, get a room, and fuck?"

"You are a man who knows what he wants," Erin said. "I like that."

They checked in, and were barely able to make it to their room before they began kissing, while undressing. As their bodies pressed together, Erin couldn't help but notice Charlie becoming more and more aroused. "Oh my," she said, "you are a big boy."

"Just wait until you find out how big," Charlie said, as they got into bed. As soon as they were in bed, Charlie got on top of Erin, and she moaned with pleasure as he entered her. As he began thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy, they kissed passionately, and began to move their bodies in rhythm. After a little more than an hour(Charlie had a reputation for endurance in bed, and had masturbated in the shower prior to meeting Erin), Charlie found himself at the edge, just about to go over the cliff. He propped himself up on his hands, and made one final thrust, and held it there, letting out a guttural moan as he climaxed, which caused her to have an orgasm. "Oh shit, that felt good," he said, as he shot the last drop of cum into Erin.

"You don't know the half of it," Erin said. "I was married to my Bill, God rest his soul, for 35 years, and from our wedding night until he dropped dead of a heart attack last year, we haven't gone a single night without making love, but I've never had an orgasm like the one I just had. It was weird, I know what it feels like for me to have an orgasm, but at the same time, I could feel you cum at the same time."

"That's funny" Charlie said. "I could feel myself cum, but at the same time I also felt you cum. It blew my mind."

"Weird, isn't it?" Erin asked.

At that moment, Charlie felt the call of nature. "Would you mind letting go of me?" he asked. "I gotta go pee."

"I'm not holding you," Erin said.

Charlie propped himself up on his hands, and looked down, and saw a band of flesh that now joined him to Erin from the base of the sternum to the navel. "You are not going to believe this," he said.

"We're conjoined," Erin said. "I just realized where we are."

"I didn't think about it, either," Charlie said. "But as long as we don't leave the hotel property, we should be fine."

"What happens if we leave the hotel property?" Erin asked.

"This becomes permanent," Charlie said. "But if you don't mind, I kind of would like to stay like this for a few days, I've been fascinated by Siamese twins most of my life, I'd kind of like to get to know what it's like being joined to someone."

"That's a subject that's interested me too," Erin said, "but for me, it's personal. You've heard of Chang and Eng Bunker, haven't you?"

"Of course," Charlie said. "They're the ones for whom the term Siamese twins was coined. All the studying I've done on Siamese twins, of course, I know who they are."

"I'm a direct descendant of Eng," Erin said. "On my mom's side. The fact that I'm directly descended from someone who was born joined to another person is where my interest came from. What about you?"

"My dad was as cop with the Sunny Hills Police Department," Charlie said, "but he got killed when I was 3. Since he was killed on the job, my mom got his pension, so to augment it, she began selling Avon. I taught myself to read when I was 2, and read everything I could get my hands on, including my mom's Avon catalogs. One time, when I was 4, I was looking at one, and I saw a picture of two women who were joined back to back. The only things I definitely remember about the picture was that the women had bare shoulders, and that they were wearing white scarves on their heads, and the scarves were knotted between their necks. I can't remember the name of the product that picture was from, that's pretty much all I remember of it. I don't know why, but that picture fascinated me more than anything ever fascinated me before, or since. I kept it in an old shoebox, along with some other magazines, but we moved when I was 10, and somehow, the shoebox got lost in the move."

"I think I may be able to help you with that," Erin said. They got up, and went to her suitcase, where she took out a tablet computer, attached the keyboard, turned it on, and logged into the hotel's wifi. She opened up a browser, and logged on to her persona email account. She sent a quick email to somebody, and afterwards, they got back into bed, and she set the computer on the nightstand next to the bed. "We have some time before my friend gets back to us," she said.

"Enough time to fuck again?" Charlie asked. "Being joined to you turns me on."

"I was hoping you'd say that," Erin said, as they got back into bed. She let out another moan as Charlie entered her again, and they went at it one more time, lasting over an hour, and both reaching climax at the same time. As if it was planned that way, just as soon as they finished, the incoming email notification sound on Erin's computer went off. "What perfect timing," she said, as she grabbed the tablet part of her computer. "Just as you and I finish, my friend gets back to us."

"Your friend?" Charlie asked.

"I have a friend who collects old Avon catalogs," Erin said. "She's got pretty much every one since 1968. When you told me about the picture, I sent her an email, telling her what you were looking for, and what you remembered about it, and told her it probably came out in 1974, and asked her if she would look for it for me, as a favor for a friend. She just emailed me back, and said that she found it, so she scanned it and sent it to me. She sent the picture as an attachment, I was just about to open it." The two of them lay on the bed, and found that the band that joined them was flexible enough that they could almost lie side by side, so they lay on their stomachs, with the tablet set so they could both see it, and Erin opened the attachment, and it showed a page from an Avon catalog for a skin care line called Perfect Balance. At the top of the page was a head and shoulders picture of two women, who were joined back to back, and were wearing nothing but a headscarf, which was knotted between their necks. Erin enlarged the photo, so the picture of the women took up the whole screen. "Is this what you were looking for?" she asked.

"For some reason, I remembered each of the women wearing a separate headscarf, but they were knotted between their necks," Charlie said, "and I don't remember the scarf having a pattern, I just remembered it being plain white, but other than that, it's exactly how I remembered it."

"If you want," Erin said, "I can forward the picture to you."

"I'll give you my email address in the morning," Charlie said.

The two of them went to sleep shortly after, and when they woke up, they got dressed, Charlie in button down shirt, jeans, and sneakers, Erin in the same dress she wore the night before, being thankful the top part buttoned up. "I think we might have to do some shopping," Erin said, as they made their way to the brunch buffet.

"Why's that?" Charlie asked.

"Get some clothes made around how we're joined," Erin said. "I'm beginning to like being joined like this."

"I know what you mean," Charlie said. "The more time I spend joined to you, the more I want it to be permanent."

"That can be arranged," Erin said. "But first things first, I'm starving."

"I hear you," Charlie said. "Hope you don't mind if we hit the omelet bar first. I could really go for a bacon, sausage and colby jack omelet, smothered in nacho cheese."

"Make it two," Erin said. "That sounds delicious."

After the brunch buffet, Charlie and Erin went back to their room to discuss the possibility of making their conjoinment permanent. "It's been kind of lonely since my Bill died," Erin said. "That's why I went on the site in the first place, Traci told me about it."

"Traci?" Charlie asked.

"1DerWoman," Erin said. "Her real name is Traci. She'd been on the site for about a year, ever since she found out her husband was cheating on her, and a few months ago, she told me about it. I go on every night, but last night was the first actual face to face meeting I've had, let alone actual sex."

"Someone as sexy as you can't get laid through that site?" Charlie asked.

"It's because of my age," Erin said. "A lot of guys get turned off by the fact that I'll be 60 in a few months. Just because I'm not in my early 20s, doesn't mean I'm not attractive."

"Some women are like fine wine," Charlie said. "They just get better with age, and I'm not saying that just because I'm attracted to older women. Actually, it's the other way around, I'm attracted to older women because they get more beautiful as they get older."

"So, do you think I'll get more beautiful as I get older?" Erin asked.

"Actually, you're perfect as you are," Charlie said. "And that's how you're going to stay, for at least the next few years."

"How do you know that?" Erin asked.

"Something I remembered reading about this place," Charlie said. "If two people do a permanent conjoinment, and one is significantly older than the other one, the older one's aging process is frozen until the younger one catches up. Since I'm 15 years younger than you, you won't age a day for 15 years. Where else can you get an offer like that?"

"Not aging a day for 15 years does sound like a good thing," Erin said. "It's going to be nice having a man around the house again, someone to talk to. And my bed will be a little less lonely at night with a man to share it with, especially a man as well hung as you."

"And my cousin could always use an extra person at the deli," Charlie said.

"I'll admit it's been pretty boring since I retired from teaching," Erin said. "I'm ready to make this permanent if you are."

"Let's go make this permanent," Charlie said.

Charlie and Erin walked to the edge of the property line, where there was an archway set up. "You absolutely sure you want to make this permanent?" Charlie asked. "Because I am."

"We wouldn't be here if I wasn't," Erin said. The two of them stood as close to side by side as the band of flesh that joined their bodies would stretch, put their arms around each other's waists, and as they crossed through the arch and over the electronic barrier that made their conjoinment permanent, they kissed.
Two Become One-Charlie and Erin
Two people hookup through a dating website, and become closer than either one of them bargained for...
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)
Danielle Pierce and Amanda Spooner were born as pygopagus conjoined twins, the lump of flesh which joined them was about the size of a baby's clenched fist, and was located at the small of the back, where one would get a "tramp stamp" tattoo. Danielle and Amanda never knew their birth mother, known only as Carrie J, an unwed 15 year old girl who found out the hard way that yes, a girl can in fact get pregnant the first time she has sex. Cast out by her family and shunned by the small town in southern Mississippi where she grew up, due to rumors and gossip that the father of her unborn daughters was her own 17 year old brother, Carrie J bought a one-way ticket on a Greyhound bus to wherever what money she had would take her. She wound up just outside Tupelo, Mississippi, at a shelter for unwanted children that was run by the local Baptist church, which took her in. She had always planned on putting her baby up for adoption, never once considering abortion, feeling that the child should not be punished for the sins of the mother. Early on, she learned that she was pregnant with twins, but not that they were joined. From the moment she learned that she carried two lives inside of her, it was her wish that they be adopted together, and not split up. Carrie J was a tiny girl, short in stature, and thin in build. A frail girl, her body could not endure the rigors of carrying and giving birth to Siamese twins, and she died in childbirth. During the later stages of her pregnancy, Carrie J's mother had discovered where she was, and was present at the birth. Carrie J's mother had known that she was pregnant with twins, and was planning on putting them up for adoption, desiring for them to be adopted together, and raised as sisters. However, her actions after Carrie J's death were done strictly out of spite. Within minutes of the birth of the twins, whom Carrie J's mother had named Danielle and Amanda, she had them on an operating table, where surgeons severed the lump of flesh that had joined them. She then saw to it that the twins were adopted by separate couples, in different states, with the hope that the twins would never meet. Danielle had grown up in Savannah, Georgia, while Amanda grew up in Yakima, Washington. However, both Amanda Spooner and Danielle Pierce wound up at Pepperdine University, in Malibu, California, where they both declared English as their major. They first met when they were assigned to be roommates, where the first thing they noticed about each other was their resemblance. They began talking, and they learned that both of them had been born to an unwed teenage mother who died in childbirth, and they both had the same birthday, so they deduced that they were twins. Soon after, each had noticed that they both had similar scars on their lower backs, near the base of the spine, both twins had been told that her scar was from a surgery just after birth. From that, they had suspected that they had been born as conjoined twins. A year later, they found records of their birth and adoption, which confirmed their suspicions about being born joined. They also found the shelter that took their mother in when she was pregnant, where they learned their mother had desired that they would be adopted by one family, and raised as sisters, but their grandmother had them surgically separated and had each twin adopted by a family on opposite ends of the country solely out of spite. Several weeks before their 21st birthday, they learned of the Somerset Hotel...

"What's on your mind,sis?" Amanda asked Danielle.

"This article I was reading," Danielle said, "The one about the Somerset Hotel."

"The name sounds familiar," Amanda said, "but I can't remember what's so special about it."

"It's that hotel where people go to become joined to one another," Danielle said.

"Oh yeah," Amanda said, "so, what about it?"

"You know our birthday's in a few weeks," Danielle said, "and we've been thinking about doing something special, since this is our 21st birthday."

"You want us to be joined for our birthday?" Amanda asked.

"I've been thinking about it," Danielle said, "and becoming joined would be the perfect way to honor our birth mother's final wish."

"How do you figure that?" Amanda asked.

"Her final wish was for us to be together," Danielle said. "And how much more together can the two of us be than Siamese twins?"

"I don't know about that," Amanda said. "becoming Siamese twins seems wrong, for some reason."

"Not for us," Danielle said. "Remember, even though we were separated before we were an hour old, we were once Siamese twins."

"You're right about that," Amanda said. "Now that you think about it, maybe if she hadn't died giving birth to us, how do you know if she would have even had us separated in the first place?"

"Good point," Danielle said. "I never thought that maybe she would have wanted us to remain joined."

"Don't get me wrong," Amanda said, "you're my sister, and I love you, but I don't know if we're ready to make such a permanent commitment."

"It doesn't have to be permanent," Danielle said. "At least not at first."

"How can it not be permanent?" Amanda asked.

"The Somerset Hotel is like a city unto itself," Danielle said. "They have everything we would want to do, a movie theater, shops, restaurants, the day spa, and I always wanted to do their brunch buffet. We can go to a movie one day, do some shopping the next, maybe fit in a mani/pedi somewhere. We could spend a week there without leaving the property, and do something every day."

"Ooh, that sounds good," Amanda said. "But why wouldn't we want to leave the hotel grounds?"

"Because that's how it becomes permanent," Danielle said. "That's what I said about doing it temporarily at first. We can try out different types of conjoinments, and see if we like being joined, for that matter. Think of it as shopping, or better yet, test driving a car."

"Shopping for how we're going to be joined?" Amanda asked, warming up to the idea.

"I take it you're aboard," Danielle said.

"I suppose you've already made reservations," Amanda said.

"Of course," Danielle said.

Several weeks later, on the day before of their 21st birthday, Danielle and Amanda checked in to the Somerset Hotel for a 2 week visit, arriving at 3:00 PM. "I've been thinking about something," Amanda said, as they were ready to check in.

"What's that?" Danielle asked.

"Since we're going to be trying out different types of conjoinment," Amanda said, "why don't we start out with the way we were born joined?"

"Good idea," Danielle said.

As soon as they got to their room, they set their suitcases down on the bed. "What do you say we get that mani/pedi, do some shopping, and have an early dinner before we catch some Z's?" Danielle asked.

"This place is like a small city, and you want to sleep?" Amanda asked.

"Just a short nap," Danielle said. "From what I heard, conjoinment works better if we're sleeping or having sex. Also, we have to sleep in the nude, we have to have skin to skin contact where we're going to be joined."

"That makes sense," Amanda said.

Danielle and Amanda went to the salon, and on the spur of the moment, decided to get matching asymmetrical bobbed haircuts, as well as French manicures, and pedicures with matching fire red nail polish, and went to a small boutique, where they got matching black strapless dresses with skirts cut halfway up the thigh, and black stiletto heeled strappy sandals which went with the dresses. They decided that instead of going out for dinner, they would have Chinese food sent to their room. After they ate, they got undressed and into bed, making sure the scars on their lower backs were touching.

The twins woke up just after 11:00, the first thing they noticed was that the lump of flesh that had joined them at birth had returned, leaving no evidence they were ever separated. They got up, and found that moving around was easier than they expected, they learned there was a mental link between them, which allowed them to coordinate their movement. They took a quick shower and got dressed, and did their makeup. They left their room and arrived at the lounge right at 12:01 AM, the earliest they could legally be in such a place, both gladly showing their driver's licenses to the man at the door, to show that they were now 21.

The twins sat at a table near the stage, where somebody was singing a Mötley Crüe song on karaoke, and a couple minutes later, a cocktail waitress came by with a couple Scotch and sodas. "These are from that gentleman at the end of the bar," the waitress said, and the twins looked and saw a man, appearing to be anywhere from his mid 30's to his mid 40's, and wearing a black leather jacket over a black T-shirt, jeans, and black Dr. Marten boots. The twins nodded, and the man nodded back, and took a sip of the beer he was drinking.

"Would you mind telling the gentleman that there's an empty seat at our table with his name written on it?" Danielle asked.

A couple minutes later, the man came and had a seat at the twins' table. "Good evening, ladies," he said. "I'm Peter."

"I'm Amanda," Amanda said, "and this is my twin sister Danielle."

"So what brings you two gorgeous ladies here?" Peter asked.

"We're celebrating," Danielle said.

"It's our 21st birthday," Amanda said.

"Well happy birthday," Peter said. "I suppose the two of you are staying here at the Somerset."

"How did you know?" Amanda asked.

"I saw the two of you come in here," Peter said. "I could tell by the way you were walking that you were conjoined. The fact that you were conjoined was kind of what attracted the two of you to me."

"It is?" Danielle and Amanda asked in unison.

"What I'm about to tell you," Peter said, "I've never told anyone, not even my wife."

"I'm sorry," Danielle said, to which Amanda added, "we don't get involved with married men."

"I'm sorry," Peter said, "I should have said ex wife. I keep forgetting that my divorce was finalized yesterday."

"What happened?" Amanda asked.

"Let me put it to you this way," Peter said. "When a white woman marries a white man, she has no business giving birth to no black babies."

"Sounds like she was getting a little dark meat on the side," Danielle said.

"Yeah," Peter said. "She admitted cheating on me with a black man. And she better be thankful that stupidity isn't a crime, or else she would be spending the rest of her life in jail."

"Why's that?" Amanda asked.

"She tried to nail me for child support," Peter said. "Even though she admitted that she was fucking some black dude, and a paternity test showed that there was no way in hell I could be the father, she still tried to get me for child support. But enough about her, the bitch is out of my life forever. I was going to tell the two of you why I came here tonight, although it's kind of embarrassing."

"What is it?" Danielle asked.

"Can't be too bad," Amanda said.

"You see," Peter said, "I have this fantasy, some people might think it's a little sick, most might think that it's weird, but I have this fantasy about having sex with Siamese twins."

"Okay, so that is a bit unusual," Amanda said, to which Danielle added, "But it's not sick or gross, or anything like that."

"That's what I'm doing here," Peter said. "I thought I'd come here to kill two birds with one stone, celebrate the fact that fucking bitch is out of my life forever, and since people come here to become joined to one another..."

"Oh, I think your fantasy will be fulfilled tonight," Danielle said.

"What about your sister?" Peter asked.

"We're leaving," Amanda said.

"We are?" Danielle asked.

"Of course we are," Amanda said. "I don't think the management will be too happy about me fucking this stud here in the lounge, will he?"

"You're fucking him?" Danielle asked. "That's no fair, I'm still a virgin, and you're not. I'd like to know what it's like to have some guy's dick in my pussy."

"Oh, you'll get your turn with me," Peter said. "You both will. I said my fantasy was to have sex with Siamese twins, not a Siamese twin. Amanda and I will go first, and Danielle, the wait will make it that much better for you."

A few minutes later, they were at Danielle and Amanda's room, the twins got undressed and got into bed. Peter got undressed, and as he was about to get into bed, Amanda sat up, and she and Peter kissed as he got into bed. Both twins moaned in pleasure as Peter entered Amanda, and began fucking her. Although Danielle couldn't explain why, she could feel Peter's 10" cock going in and out of her sister's pussy like a piston, and she began to pleasure herself, which didn't go unnoticed by Amanda. "Oh fuck yes!" both twins screamed, as Peter's cock went in and out of Amanda's pussy, while Danielle fingered her own clit. The fact that each twin was able to feel what was happening with each other's pussies brought the twins to climax, while Peter was standing at the edge of the cliff, the twins' shared orgasm was just enough to push him over the edge, and made him cum.

"I gotta go piss," Peter said, as he lost his erection, and pulled out of Amanda, and went into the bathroom.

"I hope it feels that good when he puts his cock in my pussy," Danielle said.

"You felt it when he and I were fucking?" Amanda asked.

"Of course," Danielle said. "I could feel his cock going in and out of your pussy, it felt so good, I couldn't help but masturbate."

"That's why it felt like someone was playing with my clit," Amanda said. "Whatever one of us does sexually, both of us feel it. You felt it when I had his cock in my pussy, and when he fucks you, I'll feel his cock in your pussy."

"As long as I'm the one with a cock in her pussy," Danielle said, "I don't care if you share the experience."

"Just a word of warning," Amanda said, "It may hurt a bit at first, especially since his cock is pretty big."

"It goes away, right?" Danielle asked.

"Yeah, after a few seconds," Amanda said. "But after that, it should feel real good."

Peter came out of the bathroom, and got back into bed, this time, on Danielle's side. The two of them kissed, and ground their crotches together, until Peter regained his hard-on, and Danielle became moist, and as he entered her, she briefly cried in pain, and after a couple seconds, both twins moaned in pleasure.  As Peter's cock moved in and out of Danielle's pussy, Amanda began fingering her own clit, and soon, the twins both reached simultaneous climax again, each feeling not only her own orgasm, but also felt her sister cum. Feeling the woman he was fucking cum made him fuck her even harder, although he didn't cum himself just yet. They went on for a while longer, Danielle and Peter fucking, while Amanda masturbated, and soon, the twins shared another orgasm, this one sending Peter over the edge, and the three of them climaxed simultaneously.

"Well, that was fun," Peter said, as he got dressed.

"Oh yes," Danielle said.

After Peter left, the twins went to sleep, and when they woke up, they put on matching yellow strapless dresses, and went down to the brunch buffet, after which, spending the day exploring the hotel. That afternoon, the twins came to realize something about how they were joined. "I was thinking," Amanda said.

"What're you thinking about?" Danielle asked.

"About how we're joined," Amanda said. "I mean, at first, I was kind of apprehensive about conjoinment, but now that we've been joined like this, it feels right, it feels natural, like we should be joined like this."

"You're right, it does feel natural," Danielle said. "It feels like we should have been joined like this our entire lives. I thought at first, we'd try different types of conjoinment, but this just feels so right. It's like until we were joined like this, I felt like there was a part of me missing, but now that we're joined, it feels like I'm whole for the first time in my life."

"I feel the same way," Amanda said. "And there's only one thing to do about it."

"What's that?" Danielle asked.

"Make this permanent," Amanda said, as the twins made their way to the edge of the property, where there was a decorative archway.

"Once we step through that archway," Danielle said, "we will be one, now and forever, and nothing can separate us."

"I want nothing more than to unite our bodies permanently," Amanda said, as they stepped through the archway. "We were separated at birth, taken from each other, and denied the chance to be sisters, to grow up as best friends, just to spite the woman who gave her life to give us life."

After stepping through the archway, Danielle and Amanda went back to the lounge, knowing that they would be together forever, and nothing or nobody would separate them ever again.
Two Become One-Danielle and Amanda
Twin sisters, separated at birth, meet in college, and make sure they're never apart again...
Cover by Siamesetwinsfan
Another companion deviation to Where my screen name came from..., this is the first appearance of this picture, seeing this in miniature on an eBay auction(although it was barely visible, I could tell it was what I was looking for) inspired this journal: EUREKA


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