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Parsons Triplets by Siamesetwinsfan
Parsons Triplets
Made with…

In their matching strapless LBD's, Sunny(blonde), Susan(brunette), and Sarah(redhead) are the belles of the Winter Ball...
Copperhair by Siamesetwinsfan
Made with

Named for her bright orange-red hair, she's the princess of her tribe
Jade and Ruby Phan by Siamesetwinsfan
Jade and Ruby Phan
Made with

REAL NAMES: Jade Phan and Ruby Phan
OCCUPATION: Manicurist(both)
HEIGHT: 5'6"(both)
WEIGHT: Neither will disclose her weight
HAIR: Black(both)
EYES: Green(Jade), Red(Ruby)
BORN: 7 November, 1969, Hue, Republic of Vietnam
HOMETOWN: Stockton, California
KNOWN RELATIVES: Charlie Phan(born Phan Gia Bao, deceased), Thuy Ngo(aka Sunny, mother)
BIOGRAPHY: Jade and Ruby's father, the former Phan Gia Bao, was a former Viet Cong guerrilla, who became disenchanted with communism in 1967, and surrendered to an Marine, immediately stating his intent to defect to America. Upon defecting, he changed his name to Charlie(a name he chose because that's what American were already calling him), and offered his service to the United States military. While in Saigon, he encountered a childhood friend, Thuy Ngo, and the two of them fell in love and married in early 1969. They conceived daughters, who Charlie unfortunately never met. On November 6, 1969, he was killed in a firefight with the NVA. The next day, his widow gave birth to Siamese twins, joined along the spine from shoulders to waist. One twin was named Jade, after her green eyes, the other named ruby, because of her red eyes. Thuy and the twins left Vietnam in 1975, not long before the fall of Saigon, and found themselves in a refugee camp near Sacramento, California. After a visit to the camp by actress Tippi Hedren, Thuy was one of the women in the camp to be trained in the nail arts by Hedren's manicurist, and soon found herself employed at a nail salon in Stockton. Meanwhile, Thuy decided against separating Jade and Ruby, due to the nature of their conjoinment, and the proximity of their spinal columns, there was too much risk of one or both twins ending up paraplegic or even quadraplegic. Since they would be spending their lives joined back to back, they learned to adapt to their unique situation. They learned karate, adapting their style to their conjoinment, and earned black belts at the age of 18. Soon after being awarded their black belts, they heard the legend of the Cosmos Flame. They also read the prophesy of who would wield the Cosmos Flame: "Sisters, they are two yet they are one, one with eyes of emerald, one with eyes of scarlet, always together, never apart, never seeing each other face to face." When they read the prophesy, they realized it had described them perfectly: "Sisters, they are two yet they are one," the fact they are conjoined twins, the two of them live as one flesh, "one with eyes of emerald, one with eyes of scarlet," they realized emerald is another name for green, while scarlet is another name for red, and finally "always together, never apart, never seeing each other face to face," refers to the fact they were born joined back to back. Realizing the prophesy was about them, they summoned the Cosmos Flame, which granted them powers. When they wield the power, it gives them super strength, super speed, almost limitless endurance, stamina, and physically manifests itself by appearing as rings of flames surrounding their wrists. They can also throw discs of flame from their hands to incapacitate enemies, which, along with their other powers and karate training, makes them serious contenders. They also quickly learned how to separate while using their powers(they can turn their powers on and off, and when they turn it off, if they had separated, they would conjoin once they were depowered), as well as an intereting side effect: their powers have shut off their aging process. Although they appear to be in their early 20s, they are actually in their mid 40s.
Becky and Stephanie Adler by Siamesetwinsfan
Becky and Stephanie Adler
Made with

Becky and Stephanie Adler were born as Siamese twins, joined at the base of the spine. However, unlike other pairs of conjoined twins on the team, their parents had them surgically separated at the age of 3. However, during separation, the twins developed an infection which left both of them paraplegic. It did not, however, affect the telepathic powers both twins developed at the age of 11. Although they have never officially joined, they were instrumental in the formation of Gemini Force, providing behind the scenes assistance whenever necessary. Not having the use of their legs, Becky and Stephanie get around in their own customized hoverchairs, designed by their father, who, coincidentally, designed the Montclair Twins' cybernetic arms.
Pinkie Black & Tynch Erbel by Siamesetwinsfan
Pinkie Black & Tynch Erbel
Made with

REAL NAME: Susan Anderson(Pinkie Black), Lisa Anderson(Tynch Erbel)
BIRTHDATE: 7 October, 1992, San Diego, California(both)
HAIR: Red(Susan), Black(Lisa)
EYES: Green(Susan), Brown(Lisa)
HEIGHT: 5'7"(Susan), 5'6"(Lisa in human form), 1'10"(Lisa in pixie form)
KNOWN SUPERPOWERS: Telekinesis(Susan), Ability to tap into interdimensional magic, ability to assume "faerie form"(Lisa)
BIOGRAPHY: Susan and Lisa Anderson are mixed race twins, born to David Anderson, a goalie for the San Diego Sockers, and the former Tanya Duncan, who was the Miss Black Teen San Diego of 1986. The fact that Susan is white and Lisa is black isn't the only thing about the twins that is different. Not only are their superpowers different(Susan possesses the power of telekinesis, while Lisa is able to tap into a form of magic from another dimension, a power she does not fully understand), they developed them at different times. Lisa developed her powers first, about a week before their 13th birthday, she discovered that she had shrunk to 1/3 her normal height(although her body retained its normal proportions), she grew wings which allowed her to fly, and was somehow able to perform magic utilizing interdimensional particles, which she quickly dubbed "pixie dust". She soon learned how to revert to her normal size, although her wings only appeared when she was shrunk down to what she soon dubbed her "faerie form". Susan, on the other hand, didn't discover her powers for another six months. The twins had gone out for breakfast with their parents, and Susan had ordered pancakes, and wanted butter pecan syrup, which was at a different table. Fortunately, nobody else had seen the syrup fly to their table(their parents were by that time aware of Lisa's powers), and after trial and error, it was determined that Susan had the power of telekinesis. The twins spent the next few years honing their powers, and when they were 18, began their superhero careers. Susan chose her superhero name, Pinkie Black, from the color scheme of her costume(pink and black have always been her favorite color combination), while Tynch Erbel(pronounced "Tinkerbell", the spelling was chosen in order to avoid being sued by Disney) took her name from the fact she refers to her smaller form as "faerie form", in which she gains wings made of solidified light, which, despite their delicate appearance, are quite sturdy. The twins later joined Gemini Force, and are the first non-identical twins on that team(Cassidy and Michelle Jones, who are members under the name Sunblaster, and are also mixed race twins, are actually semi-identical twins, as well as conjoined twins).

NOTE: I have shown Lisa at both her normal height, and in her "faerie form"


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