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Starting now, I'm going to, whenever the hell I feel like it, pick deviants at random, and post a single word at random on their profile... deviants, you have been warned...
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Have you ever wanted to do something completely random? Have you ever wanted to just go to some random deviant's page and post some random words on there?
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Cyclops new costume by Siamesetwinsfan
Cyclops new costume
Made with

From an alternate timeline version of the X-Men

REAL NAME: Cathy Summers
KNOWN RELATIVES: Alexander Summers(aka Havok, father), Elizabeth Braddock(aka Psylocke, mother) Christopher Summers(grandfather, deceased), Katherine Summers(grandmother)
KNOWN SUPERPOWERS: Energy beams emitted from eyes.
NOTE: Unlike the Cyclops from the mainstream X-Men comics, Cathy Summers has control over her eyebeams, in that she can turn them on and off at will. However, she does wear a visor in costume, strictly to focus the intensity and size of her eyebeams.

In the storyline in which this particular version of the X-Men takes place, the original X-Men consisted of Havok(Alexander Summers), Angel(Warren Worthington III), Marvel Girl(Jean Grey), Iceman(Robert Drake), and Storm(Ororo Munroe). During a mission in England, the team added Psylocke(Elizabeth Braddock), who quickly fell in love and married Havok. Soon after, Elizabeth became pregnant with a daughter, and she and Havok left the team to raise their daughter, who they named Cathy.

When Cathy grew up, and discovered her mutant power to emit beams of energy from her eyes, she discovered several other mutants(coincidentally, all female), and they formed an all female version of the X-Men, called X-Girls.

This is Cathy's second costume. After she had been Cyclops for a year, Cathy has learned to fully control her eyebeams, and since she no longer needs it, she gets rid of her visor, using the occasion as an excuse to design a new costume, partially inspired by that of her best friend Scarlet Angel, albeit in her own colors of blue and yellow.
Scarlet Angel and Phoenix by Siamesetwinsfan
Scarlet Angel and Phoenix
Made with

Part of my alternate timeline X-Women series

Kathryn(blonde hair and blue eyes) and Elaine(red hair and green eyes) Worthington were born to Warren K. Worthington III and Jean Grey, otherwise known respectively as Angel and Marvel Girl of the X-Men. Except for hair and eye colors, they are identical twins, originally born as rachipagus conjoined twins, joined at the shoulder blades. Although seeming to only share skin and muscle, doctors had told their parents that surgical separation would be unfeasible in their particular case. However, a couple weeks after their 13th birthday, the twins somehow woke up facing each other, and discovered they had not only become completely separate from one another, but each twin had grown wings, similar to those of their father(Although Warren and Jean keep their secret identities private, they have never hid them, nor their powers, from their daughters). The twins think it strange they are not only no longer conjoined, but have wings. They later learn that unlike their father, they have the ability to retract their wings back into their bodies, as well as reconjoin themselves(the incident where they discovered their wings happened during a school vacation, when they were away from home on their father's private island, which allowed them to keep their secret from their friends). A few weeks later, Kathryn was in her room reading, while Elaine was downstairs watching TV(with their wings retracted, they can separate for several hours at a time, they often would separate either when alone or around people who were aware of their powers), when independent of one another, Kathryn's cell phone rang from across the room, and Elaine decided she wanted an orange. Suddenly, the phone flew into Kathryn's hand, while an orange flew into Elaine's. The twins discovered that having inherited both of their parents' mutant powers(along with wings, the twins have also inherited his agility, healing factor, enhanced sight, and hollow and lightweight bone structure) would be an asset, so they asked their parents to train them to hone their powers. Several years later, when Cyclops(the daughter of Havok and Psylocke) assembled the next generation of X-Men(in this case, X-Women, as all the members, coincidentally, were female), Kathryn(taking the code name Phoenix) and Elaine(taking the code name Scarlet Angel) were the first recruits. Each twin designed her own costume, deciding that matching costumes, "pallette swapped" costumes(costumes where the colors are reversed), or even the same costume in different colors was too much of a stereotypical "twin thing" for their tastes(they have always thanked their parents for not dressing them alike, as well as being thankful that, even though they were identical twins, they were somehow born with different colored hair and eyes). It should be noted that like their father, their wings have naturally white feathers, they dye their wings to match the main color of their costumes(red for Elaine, yellow for Kathryn).
Kimiko and Haruko Lemieux by Siamesetwinsfan
Kimiko and Haruko Lemieux
Made with

Telekinetic twin daughters of a French-Canadian father and his Japanese wife, Kimiko and Haruko use their powers to defend their adopted hometown of San Diego, California


Real Name Classified
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Starting now, I'm going to, whenever the hell I feel like it, pick deviants at random, and post a single word at random on their profile... deviants, you have been warned...
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Drinking: no thanks, I'm driving

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